So hey, can we talk about Wash’s character arc?

Because, like, in season 6 he’s so wrapped up in his own plot that the reds and blues barely register.

And in season 7 they’re just a means to an end, no matter what the cost.

Season 8 rolls around and they drag him into a redemption arc before he quite figures out what’s going on.

So that by season 10 he’s willing to kill to protect them…

…and by season 11 he’s willing to die to protect them.





"it’s pink"
"no it’s lightish red"

lightish blood orange

Out of all the people that reblogged this I bet at least 50,000 have no clue that this is from Red vs. Blue.

Looks like Crayola finally did something in response to Donut’s letters.





"it’s pink"

"no it’s lightish red"

lightish blood orange

Out of all the people that reblogged this I bet at least 50,000 have no clue that this is from Red vs. Blue.

Looks like Crayola finally did something in response to Donut’s letters.


30 Day Red vs Blue Challenge
Day 1: Favorite Blue Team member
↳ leonard church

I wonder if anyone actually noticed this at the beginning of the credits before seeing the clip at the end. (Do not enlarge if you have not yet seen the episode).image

Season 11 Appreciation Post

I would just like to personally thank everyone who worked on Red vs Blue for an amazing season. I love you all, and look forward to the story continuing next season.


Wait that’s a thing.







I don’t know if i shall cry or laugh. 

I’m a Christian and what the heck man. This is messed up. But I am laughing way to hard at: Rather than being content in the kitchen, as women should, it appears that Tex desires to be one of the guys. Even to the point where she comes off as a lesbo and possible a whore. 

Then:Rather than being content in the kitchen, as women should,

Hold up

Um…Kinda made a commentary for this article.


“Literally millions into it’s diabolical ways.” Okay it sounds like their quoting sarge in this. I know they probably didn’t listen to the show in too much detail but them saying that just makes me thing of it in Sarge’s voice and makes me smile, the opposite of what they want to say.

“No one true Christian should watch this show except for pure research.” Did they just put research and Red vs Blue in the same article? Did they even watch they show? Seriously!


“Allows a homersexual, (That’s not how you spell it.) Donut, on his team.” Hey! That has never been confirmed! Ever heard of the don’t ask don’t tell? No one asks and Donut never tells. Granted he doesn’t make a good case for the other side but still. Never. Been. Confirmed.

Oh okay they think Sarge the follower of a cult. That’s like the metaphorical cult of the whole red vs blue thing. Cause you know we shouldn’t follow blindly…oh wait no. They mean science. Science is a cult. Okay. Cause he follows that so well. Seriously did they watch the show? Lopez is a head by the end.


About the little girl and her kitten, first of all, how did this kid get her hands on rvb anyway. That should be the question. Quit blaming rooster teeth for the problem and learn how to watch what your kid is watching. And if this girl is a teenager and trying this than I’m sorry but your kid is just stupid.


“Simmons is also the gay lover of Grif.” WHAT! Did they learn about rvb from Tumblr or something? Where has this ever been talked about in the show? Where? Yea they talk about bickering and they should love each other but that was one joke made one or two times. Friends argue too, I hope they realize this.

(Simmons) Willingly had his God parts removed? Sarge made him do that he didn’t want to!


“Tucker is by far the most satanic of all the characters.” Okay they may have an argument there.

Three hundred violations of the bible thats it?

Bow chicka bow wow is a tribe drum beat? What? Do they live in the 21 century? This is a joke right? Someone made this as a joke to make fun of the hard core Christians right? Cause no one is this dumb.

Sexual preferences-rock, alien, white women. Hey the alien was not his choice!

You know Tucker never said he was Black. His first name could just be Lavernius. Chuch was the one who said he was black.

Also Racist.

“Attempt to have sex with a white women.” Please, he tried to have sex with every women. Tucker’s not racist.


“Tex is the only female on the show.” Dude even before the freelancers, there was Sister and Fliss was introduced before Tex.

Comes off as lesbo! Where! They had to learning about this show through fanfiction right? She’s CHURCH’S GIRLFRIEND! The whore part is correct though.



Caboose quote: Andy: “A bow and arrow? I don’t have any arms you moron.” Caboose: “That is what makes you so stealthy.” 

Intelligent. Yea. Mehm. Whatever you say. 

“I would want to be Caboose.” There is something very very very wrong with that statement.

In short this show shouldn’t be corrupting your children because children shouldn’t be watching this. (Wait are teenagers included on this? I’m a teenager myself so I don’t think of myself as a child but is that who their talking about? That would make more sense because little kids shouldn’t be watching this for obvious reasons, not because it’s corrupting them. It just has grown up humor with grown up jokes.) 

Comments on it:

“I have heard of the satanic video game behind this show. You fight aliens in it, yet they’re fighting for their god and you are a heathen marine. Granted their religion is fake and stupid, but isn’t it worse to be fighting those who are religious?”

-They try to fulfill their religion by committing GENOCIDE! I think we can ignore their religious excuse at that point.

“Everyone’s equal in God’s eyes.”   “Scripture? Or are you (like so many others) confusing the contents of the Constitution and the Bible?” Um…no. Noooooo. No! Maybe that’s not emphasized in the Old Testament but in the New Testament! That’s Jesus’s entire teachings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galatians 3: 28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all in Christ Jesus.”

First quote I found when I looked up equality in the bible.

I will complain but in the end, it doesn’t matter what they say. Rvb will always be my entertainment. The thing I think of when I’m in a bad mood and want to cheer up, the thing that inspires me at the right moment, the thing that teaches me lessons and makes me laugh my ass of at the same time. Rvb is a place that takes me away from things in every day life. No matter it’s faults. Yea if people take it too seriously, it’s not always a good role model but if you look at the parts that are meant to teach you thing you can find some pretty good stuff to live by. (mostly the freelancer parts but there is some stuff in the newer red and blues story line. Though you could finds things in the other parts.) Learn to let go. Don’t just follow orders blindly. (Which is what some church’s want you to do.) You’re stronger with your friends. Everyone deserves a second chance. No matter how far you fall you can always come back. Or even something so simple where it’s okay to hate and it’s okay to love. It teaches human things in a very, very human way. I love Red vs Blue. It has brought so many people together and given many people a chance at things. Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth is truly a home to anyone involved.

Oh hey! This is going around again.

Guys it’s actually a satirical site, no worries. With that in mind, it makes this article twice as hilarious ^.^

Haha oh well, my whole thing was mostly me having fun away way. Most of the stuff was so over the top I figured it had to be fake.

I think your commentary just made it everything a lot better ^.^

You have no idea how hard I’m laughing at this right now. This is such complete and utter horseshit that it stops being horrible and starts being funny. Plus, this person counted three hundred violations of the bible by Tucker over ten seasons. Round of applause for Tucker.

It’s awesome that I can say how this is joke is a throwback.